Honey Chipotle Hot Sauce 11oz Jar — $7.00

Our all purpose sauce.  The flavor starts off sweet, and then the heat, smoke and garlic come up behind to fill out the palate.  This product is medium hot.  It is great for cooking, marinating, braising, as a extra thick BBQ sauce, or as a spread (mix with mayo, cream cheese, yogurt or sour cream).  It is also good as a condiment on eggs, shrimp, pork, chicken or raw oysters.


Honey Jalapeno Sauce 10 oz. jar  — $7.00

A spicy sweet relish. Taste the sweet first, then the jalapeno flavor, heat and garlic come up behind.  This product is medium hot.  Use as a relish for burgers or brats, on chicken, shrimp, pork or enchiladas.


Honey Habanero Sauce 10 oz. jar  — $7.00

Three seconds of sweet, then the habanero flavor and heat.  The sweetness of this sauce really lets the fruitiness of the habaneros shine through.  This product is hot.  Use on enchiladas, tacos, burritos, eggs, chicken or pork, and anything else you would enjoy sweet habanero flavor and some real heat on.

Honey Mustard.jpg

Hans’ Honey Mustard 10 oz. jar  — $5.00

A sweet honey mustard with no heat.  Great as a base for salad dressings, on burgers or brats, pretzels, etc.



Hell-Fire Habanero Cream Cheese — $6.00

This manly cream cheese may make your eyes water.  Anything that you would put that wussy cream cheese on deserves a little hint of this!  Bagels, celery sticks, sandwiches, add to your favorite hors d’ouvres.  This is one of our new products that burns for a long freakin’ time!  The best part is the delayed burn will allow your non-Chile head guests to get a second bite in before they ask what they’ve done to themselves.

Reaper Cream Cheese - Small.jpg

Reaper Cream Cheese — 9.00

This intensely hot cream cheese brings the fire of the Guiness certified hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper. Use it to set your mouth ablaze on burgers, brats, sandwiches, in pasta dishes and hor d’oeuvres .  Stuff black olives to create olive grenades!!!


Chipotleyaki Sauce — $7.00

This teriyaki sauce and marinade that contains our Honey-Chipotle is also incredible as a dipping sauce for pot stickers, egg rolls, and tempura fried shrimp and veggies.  I have used this sauce to marinate salmon, chicken, pork butt, pork ribs, and flanken style beef ribs (Korean BBQ).  Also great as a stir-fry sauce for rice and yakisoba noodles.  Ingredients: Soy Sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt, sodium benzoate), pineapple juice, chipotle sauce (smoked jalapenos, honey, water, vinegar, garlic, salt, spices), brown sugar, spices, sesame oil.

Soybanero temp white web size.jpg

Soybanero Sauce — $7.00

Soybanero is a fusion of south meets east sauce that will leave you wondering what you just ate, and how do I get more.  This blend of our world famous Chipotle, and an all natural additive and preservative free soy sauce will leave you wanting more, and thinking of new things to put it on.

Cranberry Extreme.jpg

Cranberry Extreme — 7.00

A blend of Honey, pure cranberry juice and 6 million scoville unit extract.  Shake well, heat before shaking for maximum effect.

Alder Salt.jpg

Alder Smoked Sea Salt — $7.00

Alder smoked organic sea salt which is naturally smoked over Northwest red alderwood.  Impart that fresh off the grill flavor to all your meals.  Chicken, shrimp, steak, popcorn, corn on the cob, baked potatoes…

Steak Seasoning.jpg

Steak Seasoning and Rub — 7.00

Toasted garlic and onion combine with a bit of heat and other spices to create an unforgettable flavor. Great on steak or veggies.

Poultry and Fish.jpg

Poultry and Fish Seasoning — $7.00

This spicy blend of seasonings has a nice lime citrus flavor.  Delicious on french fries, popcorn or corn on the cob.  Fantastic as a blackening for pan seared fish or chicken, Mahi Mahi, tilapia, halibut…MMMMM

Alder Smoked Dry Rub.jpg

Alder Smoked Dry Rub — $7.00

Rub it on your meat!  If you can’t figure that one out step away from the grill/BBQ! This delicious blend of paprika, alder smoked sea salt, garlic powder, oregano, thyme, and cayenne will suit any red meat.  I recommend applying dry rub at least 4 hours prior to cooking.

3 Pack Seasoning.jpg

Seasoning and Rub 3 Pack– 15.00

One of each of our seasonings in a great looking gift pack.  Save $6 by ordering all three.